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Welcome to LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre.  With many years of experience in the treatment of people living with cancer, cancer recurrence and prevention, LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre is nationally and internationally recognized for providing expert and compassionate cancer care. In addition we also provide medical care for those patients with general & challenging health issues since 1999. Providing some of the latest technologies along with treatments from other parts of the world. We work with each patient to provide well-informed, experience and research-based treatment plans whenever possible, using a wide range of innovative approaches along side fundamental supportive care. We are more than just a clinic —  we provide a network for empowered patients to support and help each other thrive.

*Note: We have free parking at the back of our building with reserved signs posted along with free city parking in front of the office building good for one-hour

Recent News and Updates

FARMACIE 7.0 | THE GARDEN OF EDEN – Dinner Event – August 11th

Join us for a special long table dinner on Thursday, August 11 in the Poplar Grove at The UBC Farm. In collaboration with The Juice Truck and Feedlife, we’re creating a true plant-based ‘Garden of Eden’ meal in honour of Eden Elizabeth to benefit Thrive Alive Foundation; a foundation focused on creating access for Canadians to life-enhancing cancer treatments not traditionally covered by the government or most health care plans.

We will enjoy an epic 5 COURSE MEAL curated by a chef team that has been hand picked by Colin Medhurst (co-founder of Feedlife and plant-based chef): Your headliner is Chef Karen McAthy of Blue Heron Cheese who will announce her final lineup this week! Your dinner ticket includes wine pairing by Red Rooster, cocktails by Design to Dine, beer & live entertainment!

Show up in your Thursdays’ finest (aka: farm chic) and expect the venue to completely blow your farm-to-table, garden of eden dreams out of the water.

The Garden of Eden – Farmacie Event.


“Father of Tamoxifen” Dr V. Craig Jordan supports a recent case report by our Dr. Lemmo. There may exist a potential “dark-side” of Tamoxifen-type drugs used in breast cancer and its prevention.

A patient with advanced breast cancer experienced a significant shrinkage of her metastatic disease when stopping the drug Raloxifene (a relative of Tamoxifen).  She continues to be in excellent shape without the need of any treatment during the past 16 months.  The oncology community is largely not aware of this phenomenon where a drug designed to help with breast cancer may do the exact opposite and feed the disease. Senior scientist and researcher Dr. V. Craig Jordan from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center wanted to place further attention in this area by writing an editorial on our case. This has been such an incredible honour and we are truly humbled by Dr. Jordan’s supportive comments.

To find out more, the scientific article can be found below.

Jordan VC Editorial and Lemmo Raloxifene AEWE Case Report July 13 2016

45th Annual International Conference – Orthomolecular Medicine Today in Vancouver – April 29 – May 1 2016

Dr Lemmo will be speaking on the use of intravenous vitamin C plus some promising technologies in cancer here in Vancouver at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on April 30, 2016. Please find out more in the attached brochure.OMT-2016