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Welcome to LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre.  With many years of experience in the treatment of people living with cancer, cancer recurrence and prevention, LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre is nationally and internationally recognized for providing experienced and compassionate cancer care. In addition we also provide naturopathic medical care for those patients with general & challenging health issues since 1999. Providing some of the latest technologies along with treatments from other parts of the world. We work with each patient to provide well-informed, experience and research-guided treatment plans whenever possible, using a wide range of innovative approaches along side fundamental supportive care. We are more than just a clinic —  we provide a network for empowered patients to support and help each other thrive.

*NOTE: We have FREE PARKING at the back of our building with reserved signs posted. In addition there is free city parking in front of the office building good for one-hour

Recent News and Updates

Respected Canadian Cancer Journal Publishes Naturopathic Cancer Guidelines

Respected Canadian cancer journal Current Oncology acknowledges and publishes article by the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians on recommended guidelines for the role of naturopathic medicine applied to people with cancer.  Well done!! To learn more about the article, it can be found below.

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians- Principles of Care Guidelines

NEW – Intravenous Vitamin C – A Collaborative Article Between Oncologists and Naturopathic Physicians Working Together

New research on the practical use of Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) in cancer from medical oncologists and naturopathic physicians working together which also includes discussions on how to use along with chemotherapy.  The lower dosing guidelines as suggested in this article have been long supported in our clinical experiences as well.

IVC Supportive Care Review and Rational Approach Klimant et al Current Onc 2018

Regional Hyperthermia Plus Chemotherapy Enhances Survival in Sarcoma Cancers

Recently a study published in JAMA Oncology demonstrated that the addition of regional hyperthermia to chemotherapy improved survival in patients with high-risk soft tissue sarcoma cancers.

Median local progression-free survival was 67.3 months in the hyperthermia group vs 29.2 months in the group without.  Median disease-free survival was 33.3 months in the hyperthermia group vs 17.4 without. Median overall survival was 15.4 years with hyperthermia vs 6.2 years without, with 5-year survival rates of 62.7% vs 51.3% and 10-year survival rates of 52.6% vs 42.7%.

The use of hyperthermia or high temperature heating should be further explored in this area.  Furthermore as the authors mention, “we should not exclude the potential therapeutic benefits regional hyperthermia may also have in solid tumors other than soft tissue sarcoma.”

We have noticed there are population groups where the addition of this technology appears to enhance not only chemotherapy, radiation, and even immunotherapy treatment approaches with several cancer types.

Please follow the below link to learn more about this interesting new article.

Regional Hyperthermia Sarcoma Randomized Trial Feb_15_2018