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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mistletoe Intravenous in Cancer – much more than a Christmas decoration

The use of mistletoe in cancer is a popular treatment in cancer in many European countries.  The common use is by injection given under the skin and there is a growing interest in the intravenous application.  I would classify mistletoe as an original “immune-system” treatment that has finally become to the attention of the mainstream oncology community.  Clinically we have seen patients with cancer respond to this form of treatment by improving quality of life symptoms such as in pain, appetite, and energy.  Furthermore, there are groups where we have documented a cancer-fighting effect. The first patient we personally treated over 10 years ago was with advanced and progressing colon cancer, where the intravenous application of mistletoe stabilized his disease outside of any chemotherapy treatment.  This experience opened our minds to the capabilities of this promising therapy.

The below recent study discusses the application and experience of mistletoe given by intravenous treatment to patients with cancer by a group of European physicians.  Positive benefits were noted which included cases of patients whose disease was better controlled and more.

To find out more, please follow the below link.

Intravenous Mistletoe Treatment In Integrative Cancer Care 2016

Fasting During Chemotherapy & Decreased Tissue Damage – A New Paper

Fasting for up to 72 h, divided as 48 h before and 24 h after chemotherapy infusion, appears safe and feasible in people with cancer receiving platinum-based combination chemotherapy. Preliminary evidence from correlative studies supports that fasting may protect the body and tissues against chemotherapy damage.

Subjects were instructed to consume zero calories, but ample water and non-caloric beverages. However subjects were advised that if they had symptoms related to fasting (such as feeling faint, weak, dizzy, etc.) that they should consume a small amount of juice or food, aiming to stay under 200 kcal in a 24 h period.

The scientific journal article can be found below for further information.

Fasting with Platinum-based Chemotherapy October 2016