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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Homeopathy Enhances Lung Cancer Survival and Improves Quality of Life

November 8 2020

Ground breaking study published in mainstream oncology journal supports the use of homeopathic medicine as an add on to chemotherapy treatment for advanced lung cancer suggests improved quality of life and enhanced survival.  Standard chemotherapy and homeopathy worked very well together.  

The average survival was dramatically longer, close to double, in the homeopathic group. In particular the survival rate in the homeopathy group was 45%, 23% in the placebo group, and 14% in the control group. People at times do not understand that by improving the quality of life in people with cancer, leads to enhanced survival which was evident in this study.  In addition, when comparing to the additions of the new and very costly immune therapy drugs (i.e. Optivo, Keytruda, etc.) which can be combined with chemotherapy, this study implies homeopathic treatment also deserves equal attention.  Homeopathic medicines cost pennies, while the new popular immune therapy drugs cost thousands for every single treatment.  
An impressive list of researchers were involved in the study which included from the Medical University of Vienna, Department of Medicine, Clinical Division of Oncology.    The study was prospective involving 150 patients, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, three-arm multicenter study which was published in the  conventional well-known oncology journal The Oncologist. It is refreshing to see funding going into such a low risk and inexpensive form of treatment that unfortunately has become political during the past few years.  Skeptics and social media trolls regularly attack homeopathic medicine. The authors should be congratulated for sticking their necks out with the goal of trying to help patients with cancer explore options outside the conventional box and that are also very low risk in nature and affordable.