Why choose LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre?

  1. Since 1999 we are a naturopathic medical facility in Canada focused in cancer along with having a broad-base of knowledge and experience to help those people with other challenging health conditions.
    LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre has welcomed and supported patients from across Canada and all over the world. Dr. Lemmo brings the unique perspective as a naturopathic physician helping patients with general and complex health issues, combining clinical experience along with the wisdom of natural medicine and the latest, leading-edge research whenever possible.
  2. Dedicated, integrative treatment programs for any stage of a diagnosis.
    LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre offers a comprehensive range of leading integrative treatments from the simple, natural things people can do to improve their own health, to advanced life-enhancing, life-saving treatments and technologies. Programs and protocol are individualized for each patient with a goal towards achieving optimal wellbeing and health at any stage of a diagnosis as well as recurrence and risk reduction.
  3. Collaborative with health care practitioners and professionals.
    When necessary and in the best interest of the patient, or as requested, Dr. Lemmo works collaboratively as part of a team with various health care practitioners and professionals, including (but not limited to) oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, nuclear medicine and imaging professionals as well as a broad range of integrative practitioners and organizations. Dr. Lemmo is an active, well-known and respected member of the medical community benefiting patients with treatment collaboration, navigational support and referrals.
  4. Providing patients with some of the latest technologies.  Some interesting technologies from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world along with our pioneering treatments can be found at LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care so that people can receive treatments locally minimizing the need for travel outside of North America.
  5. Easily accessible, new facility created for optimal patient experience and treatment needs.
    Conveniently located in Vancouver in close proximity to the BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver General Hospital, Lions Gate Hospital, Burnaby General Hospital and Richmond Hospital, as well as all major transportation routes, LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care is a new facility created for optimal patient experience, comfort and treatment needs. LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre promotes a sense of community amongst patients, for emotional support and guidance, and amongst professionals, for education and transfer of knowledge, which is enhanced by the new facility and treatment space. A pharmacy is available on-site where patients can attain high-quality vitamins, supplements and products as advised.
  6. High-quality, personalized patient care committed to educating and empowering the patient and family members (support people) to make informed choices.
    Dr. Lemmo strives to work with patients at any stage of their diagnosis and journey to create an optimal individualized healing plan that is both accessible and feasible for each patient. The inclusion of family members and support people are a priority in the education and support of each patient.
  7. Our contact telephone number for further information: 604 428 1991