A recent review from a gynaecology oncology clinic in Malaysia reports that patients with advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer who were properly guided and incorporate an integrative medicine approach early which included intravenous vitamin C as a tool lived longer. Such approaches were used either alone and monitored and also together with surgery and / or chemotherapy as needed. Integrative medicine was a foundational element throughout care (i.e. diet, life style, natural medicine, supplements, meditation, etc.). The patients who only used chemotherapy (and without an integrative approach) did not live as long. While this work is preliminary, retrospective, and it lacked a comparative group  it mirrors what we have  seen in clinical practice with patients with ovarian cancer as well here in Vancouver.   It was also interesting to note that the case series obtained publication approval from Director General of Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.  Other government groups here in Canada should follow.

Ovarian Cancer Integrative Medicine Approach and Survival Nov_2019