Glutathione is a major antioxidant and cellular protector found throughout the body. A high amount can be found in the lining of the respiratory tract and nasal cavities. In conditions of inflammation or irritation in the lungs or the upper airways the levels of glutathione may be reduced because the body is using it to “mop-up” harmful chemicals known as “free radicals”.

Since glutathione is found in the respiratory tract in relatively high concentrations, it is important that the body can effectively replenish itself of this important antioxidant. Here is where the application of aerosol glutathione is another route of administration. It has been determined in research papers that the oral use of glutathione increases glutathione in the blood. However, pills and other oral routes may not effectively increase glutathione levels in the lungs. In fact, intravenous injections of glutathione can not provide the same effect as the inhaled route. The aerosol application of provides a more direct and localized concentrations of glutathione in the lungs and respiration pathways.