Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 1999 Jan 9;143(2):80-4.

van der Zee Jvan Rhoon GCWijnmaalen AJKoper PCvan Putten WL.


Academisch Ziekenhuis Rotterdam-Daniel den Hoed Kliniek.


In the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, patients with recurrent breast cancer within a previously irradiated area, are treated by application of hyperthermia in addition to reirradiation. In this development, the following issues are important: (a) the choice of an effective and tolerable reirradiation schedule; (b) the establishment of the limitations of the hyperthermia techniques available; (c) the finding that additional hyperthermia has to be applied to the total tissue volume at risk for tumour recurrence; (d) the assessment of the value of additional hyperthermia by a randomised study. With the reirradiation schedule of 8 x 4 Gy and the hyperthermia application technique at present available, local control is achieved in 76% of the patients for a median duration of 32 months. The probability of local control is related to tumour size. The treatment is tolerated well, with acceptable toxicity. In patients with recurrent breast cancer in a previously irradiated area, combined reirradiation and hyperthermia is very effective, well tolerated and little toxic.