Testimonials & Patient Experiences

Camille G.

I have been Dr. Lemmo’s patient since May 2017 after I was diagnosed with invasive melanoma on my right pinna and the only standard of care offered was amputation of the ear along with deep surgery in the neck. As a mother of two children, aged six and eight years old at the time of diagnosis, I was determined not only to survive but to do so while retaining quality of life. I began to explore every possible treatment option that was available to me in both the allopathic and naturopathic realms.

Dr. Lemmo’s extensive knowledge of Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and its uses in cancer care piqued my curiosity. Not only did he dedicate time to thoroughly answering each one of my questions, but he invited me to further research. 
After three treatments of PDT over a three-month period, upon returning to my oncologist’s office for a re-biopsy, he took one look at my ear and announced, “I can’t biopsy this!” When I asked why, he replied, “Because there’s nothing left to biopsy! To what do we owe this miracle?”.  Since 2017, I have continued to monitor my health. And, following a recent MRI of my head and neck in October 2023, I continue to be six years cancer free, thanks to Dr. Lemmo. It’s impossible to truly know what the outcome would have been had I chosen surgical amputation. However, I am 100% certain that PDT saved me from the physiological and emotional effects of disfigurement, and the immune corroding effects of living with a permanent disability. In short, Dr. Lemmo not only healed my cancer, but it allowed me to retain my ear, my neck, my quality of life, and to improve my potential for survival.