Naltrexone (LDN)

Naltrexone or LDN is a prescription medication that is normally used in the treatment of addictions.  In cancer care, there is a growing amount of evidence, while still early, where the use of naltrexone used at much lower doses may positively impact the immune system to assist in the fight against cancer and other conditions.    Side-effects are minimal, due the very low dose, with some patients experiencing vivid dreams and others the bowels may have a tendency for being a little looser.  It is not recommended for people taking an opiate-type medication along with naltrexone as it may block the pain-relieving properties.  Doses of the medication can be adjusted as needed.

Case reports suggest that naltrexone may hold value in lymphoma and pancreatic cancers and in vitro studies suggest a role in ovarian cancers.  Research from Italy has used naltrexone along with other immune treatments in various metastatic cancers which include kidney cancer with encouraging results.  Anecdotal evidence also suggests positive correlations in colon and prostate cancers as well.

Because Naltrexone is a prescriptive item in Canada and the US, people who are interested in its use need to be evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional and preferably by one who has cancer care experience.  This is one of the values of seeing a regulated healthcare professional so that there are additional checks and balances in place in addition to the LDN being attained from regulated and known pharmacies as well (versus the internet).