The use of botulinum toxin (i.e. Botox is one of the popular brands), has popular applications in cosmetic and  aesthetic medicine. 

However, botulinum toxin also has medical applications for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (i.e. excessive sweating), chronic migraine, headaches, TMJ, excessive muscle spasms, along with the potential value in the treatment of various kinds of pain (i.e. neuropathic, etc.). Several reports document how botulinum toxin has helped cancer patients with their pain following surgery or radiation. Some patients have been able to reduce and discontinue pain medications which include opiates. 

Botulinum toxin appears to work by affecting or blocking the nerve impulses (i.e. neuro-modulation) and may even have anti-inflammatory properties. 

One of the values of botulinum toxin is, if it works, the effects can last for several months with just one treatment.  It can take 1-2 weeks to notice the optimal effects of the treatment, however, some may notice a much quicker response. The risks appear to be low when used correctly. 

Dr. Lemmo is certified for medical and cosmetic botulinum toxin (i.e. Botox). 

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Woman with chronic headache for botox therapy