There is a growing body of evidence showing how environmental and work related pollutants or toxins are linked to various diseases which include cancer; the effects can vary from mild debilitation to severe and disabling illness. This is a matter for great public concern.

For example cadmium exposure is an independent risk factor for cancer mortality in adult men and women.  Data suggests a link with lung and prostate cancer.  Arsenic has been linked to various cancers which include the bladder, liver, lung, and larynx. Moreover, this element has also been linked to cancer mortality. Work related exposure to plastics has been linked to some breast cancers which include premenopausal women.  In fact there is an alarming growing trend with some cancers appearing younger and younger and there may be an environmental component involved.

toxic pollution
Smoke filled air

There is an urgent need for further research into the way exposure to environmental toxins affect human health; to find effective treatments, and to prevent further unnecessary suffering.

There is reluctance in some quarters to accept that the many thousand chemicals and toxic metals to which we are daily exposed, together with other environmental factors such as radiation, electromagnetism and other biological materials can negatively impact the body overtime.

At LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc, personalized approaches for investigating environmental components are explored when indicated. Appropriate testing and screening may be required to help determine environmental exposures to assist in an optimal treatment plan. Because the body may have varying degrees of environmental burdens, detoxification & elimination strategies are important for helping to restore balance to the body & nervous system.  Moreover, in patients who have also undergone cancer treatment, exploring such areas may play a role in recurrence risk reduction.

Proper nutrition, physical activity, select intravenous therapies,  in addition to an holistic approach, are additional tools which may impact detoxifying the body from environmental contamination.