Welcome to LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre.  Dr. Walter Lemmo, ND, has many years of experience in the treatment of people living with cancer, cancer recurrence and prevention, as well as other challenging health issues. LEMMO Integrated Cancer & Care Centre is nationally and internationally recognized for providing experienced and compassionate care, offering some of the latest technologies and treatments learned from state-of-the-art health care systems around the world.

We collaborate with each patient to provide well-informed, research and experience-guided treatment plans, using a wide range of innovative approaches alongside supportive and conventional care. 

We have both group and private rooms for intravenous therapies and other treatments when needed.

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COVID-19 Office Policy Update

December 16th, 2021|

As our patient community and staff member heath is our top priority, we will continue to monitor COVID-19, provincial and ...

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The great pioneer Dr. V. Craig Jordan, considered the "father of tamoxifen", and the first example of using a drug in a targeted way to treat hormone sensitive breast cancers has recently passed away. I had the great pleasure to correspond with Dr. Jordan and was honoured to have

The consumption of cherries (tart liquid form) - 1 ounce per day (2 tablespoons) mixed in water - improves aches/pains as a result of hormone treatment in breast cancer caused by aromatase inhibitors (i.e. letrozole, arimidex, aromasin). For some woman the discomfort can be quite

A new review paper from well known colleagues on the potential value of Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer. Looks like they are also conducting research in combination with chemotherapy - immunotherapy in lung cancer as well.  Nicely done!


Helicobacter pylori and Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

Being positive for the bacteria H. pylori that is more commonly linked with gastric or stomach ulcers/cancer may now play important roles in colorectal cancers as well.

The investigators concluded, “H pylori positivity may be

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