Scientific Research

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Background Research

Hyperthermia & Cancer Review

Overview of Hyperthermia Technologies

Hyperthermia & its Cellular-Molecular Basis

Hyperthermia & Radiation Review

Hyperthermia & Cancer Cell Death Review

Hyperthermia & the Immune System

Hyperthermia & Tumor Oxygenation

Whole Body Hyperthermia Review & Guidelines

Whole Body Hyperthermia & the Immune System Effects

Whole Body Hyperthermia & Chemotherapy

Whole Body Hyperthermia & Surgery

Loco-Regional Hyperthermia

Bladder Cancer

Brain Cancer

Breast Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Colon/Rectal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer

Liver Cancer

Lung Cancer

Malignant Germ-Cell Tumours in Children

Malignant Melanoma


Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Sarcoma Cancers

Stomach Cancer