Re-irradiation and external hyperthermia in locally advanced, radiation recurrent, hormone refractory prostate cancer: a preliminary report.

Br J Radiol. 2001 Aug;74(884):745-51.

Kalapurakal JAMittal BBSathiaseelan V.

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The purpose of this report is to present the preliminary results of re-irradiation and external hyperthermia in patients with locally advanced, previously irradiated, hormone refractory prostate cancer. Three consecutive patients with symptomatic, locally advanced, previously irradiated and hormone refractory prostate cancer were treated with further irradiation (30.6-50 Gy) and external hyperthermia (5-8 treatments). All patients had complete resolution of symptoms lasting for 12-24 months. Significant tumour shrinkage, including complete tumour response, was demonstrated by CT and endoscopy. In one case, at 2 years after re-treatment, there is continued tumour regression and bone regeneration in the pelvis. Two patients had local control of tumour, which continued until most recent follow-up at 12 months and more than 24 months, respectively. Another case developed local recurrence at 17 months. At most recent follow-up, no patient has experienced significant treatment-related side effects. In these patients with no other therapeutic alternatives, re-irradiation and hyperthermia can provide durable tumour response for more than a year, resulting in significant improvement in quality of life. Further clinical studies are warranted.