A patient with advanced breast cancer experienced a significant shrinkage of her metastatic disease when stopping the drug Raloxifene (a relative of Tamoxifen).  She continues to be in excellent shape without the need of any kind of treatment during the past 16 months.  The oncology community is largely not aware of this phenomenon where a drug designed to help with breast cancer may do the exact opposite and feed the disease. Senior breast oncology scientist and researcher Dr. V. Craig Jordan from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center wanted to place further attention in this area by writing a guest editorial on the case. This has been such an incredible honour and we are truly humbled by Dr. Jordan’s supportive comments. Dr. Jordan shares valuable expertise and insights into a largely unknown area in oncology on how the bodies own estrogen can actually shrink breast cancer and which may be an explanation for the positive response seen in our case report.

To find out more, the scientific journal articles can be found below.

Jordan VC Editorial and Lemmo Raloxifene AEWE Case Report July 13 2016