The hormone Insulin (the same one that is used in Diabetes) appears to have several advantages in the treatment of cancer & other diseases. There is a family line of doctors from Mexico that have been pioneering the use Insulin since the 1930s. With over 75 years of combined clinical experience, they have observed how the use of Insulin allows for the entry of important medications (i.e. chemotherapy) into cells (i.e. cancer) with greater ease. As a consequence, you need a smaller amount of chemotherapy medicine(s) to do the similar job as standard approaches.

This treatment is commonly referred to as Insulin Potentiation Therapy or simply “IPT” for short. This is why those that use IPT along with chemotherapy call it a more “gentle” and yet effective form of cancer treatment. Even though chemotherapy medicines are used, you typically require 1/10th the dose which translates into less toxic amounts that are needed to attain a therapeutic effect. While this treatment is still considered experimental and there is a limited amount of research published, the clinical benefits look promising. Most of the data out there is considered anecdotal by scientific standards even though positive clinical experiences on various cancer cases have been presented to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the US. In a 2003 research paper studying the use of IPT in a small group of patients with advanced breast cancer, IPT produced positive results in this group who were resistant to standard chemotherapy approaches. Dr. Lemmo has been fortunate to be trained in hospital by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia—the last of the family line of physicians who have pioneered this treatment.

IPT works in killing cancer based on a simple concept that several cancers have a greater need for the hormone Insulin than normal cancer cells for growth. It has been shown in research that cancer cells may have 10X more Insulin receptors than a normal cell (i.e. 10X the greater need for insulin). Thus, by giving a person with cancer the hormone Insulin opens the doorways in a cancer cell more so than a normal healthy cell. As a consequence, if you then give patients important chemotherapy medicines or natural health products around the same time as Insulin (i.e. known as the therapeutic moment), a greater amount than normal can enter the cancer cell and do their job with greater ease. This idea has been termed “a smart bomb” by the pioneers of this treatment. Another important secret about the hormone Insulin is that it can also temporarily put cancer cells in a more active state of growth (S-phase). This is very important in cancer care because most chemotherapy medicines work on those cancer cells that are actively growing. So if a cancer is not growing at the time of chemotherapy, the killing effects may not be optimal. By adding IPT to the equation, a greater amount of cancer cells may be made more vulnerable to most cancer killing-type of approaches.

At LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc, we can consider natural-based agents along with insulin to try and enhance their properties when indicated.

Please Note: We do not use or have access to chemotherapy agents at our facility.