Treatment approaches which help to increase the oxygen capacity in the body may provide additional value in cancer care.  There is a belief that, in part, a low oxygen environment within the cancer environment and tumor may contribute to an adaptive response leading to a smarter growing cancer.  Moreover, some research suggests that both chemotherapy and radiation may work better when the oxygen content is higher within the tumor environment.  In addition, following conventional treatment some patients may have unwanted side-effects which may be long lasting and the use of oxygen-based or oxidative therapies may hold value in speeding up the recovery process or to help minimize complications down the road.

At LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc, while considered experimental by conventional standards, treatments such as Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, UV Blood Irradiation, and customized intravenous protocols which may contain medicines such as DMSO and Vitamin C may be used to support the oxygen content within the body and cancer microenvironment.