Patient-Centered Support Group

We have observed that an empowered community is important to help improve the quality of a person’s life with a cancer diagnosis, whether going through treatment or beyond the conventional treatment phase.

At LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc., we are planning to provide a patient-centered support group once a month at our centre so that people living with cancer can come together and share experiences.  We will also explore select themes in potential cancer treatments and guest speakers may be invited to inspire discussions, connections and idea sharing.

This is a free service for all of our patients and at this time the focus is patient-centered only.

The proposed plan is the support group will meet once a month at LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc. on the first Saturday of each month, from 10:30am – 11:30am, unless otherwise posted.

Upcoming Dates:

Our next support group session will be announced and submissions for proposed themes are welcome.

Please call the office at 604-428-1991 to register as this is not a drop-in session.