Recently a study published in JAMA Oncology demonstrated that the addition of regional hyperthermia to chemotherapy improved survival in patients with high-risk soft tissue sarcoma cancers.

Median local progression-free survival was 67.3 months in the hyperthermia group vs 29.2 months in the group without.  Median disease-free survival was 33.3 months in the hyperthermia group vs 17.4 without. Median overall survival was 15.4 years with hyperthermia vs 6.2 years without, with 5-year survival rates of 62.7% vs 51.3% and 10-year survival rates of 52.6% vs 42.7%.

The use of hyperthermia or high temperature heating should be further explored in this area.  Furthermore as the authors mention, “we should not exclude the potential therapeutic benefits regional hyperthermia may also have in solid tumors other than soft tissue sarcoma.”

We have noticed there are population groups where the addition of this technology appears to enhance not only chemotherapy, radiation, and even immunotherapy treatment approaches with several cancer types.

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Regional Hyperthermia Sarcoma Randomized Trial Feb_15_2018