Thrive Alive Foundation is a registered charitable organization committed to providing resources and assistance to people in need for their cancer treatments and services not covered by government or health care plans. Unique in Canada, Thrive Alive Foundation is not part of a centre, clinic or agency, and is able to support people with their approved treatments anywhere in Canada. Thrive Alive Foundation strives to stimulate community amongst health care professionals and practitioners across Canada, as well as to create much needed awareness about the importance of integrative cancer care, specifically, the life-enhancing treatments that many Canadian desperately need, yet cannot afford.

Thrive Alive Foundation began operating its flagship Thrive Support Program in 2012 and has supported patient treatments and services from various health practitioners and organizations province wide. Thrive Alive Foundation is a volunteer-based and 100% reliant on individual and community partner donations to operate and fund its programs. As co-founder, Dr. Lemmo is closely involved with creating awareness for this very important cause and work.

Please note, Thrive Alive Foundation charitable organization is independent of LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc. and does not fundraise for specific individuals. Dr. Lemmo’s association with Thrive Alive Foundation does not and will not guarantee or influence support for patients of LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc. Clients and prospective applicants of Thrive Alive Foundation must complete a multi-step approval process evaluated by a special selection committee and approvals are based on available funds, individual case situations and treatment/practitioner ratios.

To learn more about Thrive Alive Foundation and how you can donate or help others who are unable to afford non-funded cancer treatments and services, visit

Thrive Alive Foundation’s vision is to make cancer treatments and choices available to everyone in Canada, regardless of age or income.